I'm all about solving the right problem for the right customer. I'm a well rounded entrepreneur - years of full stack web development, mixed with lean startup and agile product management experience.

I believe in a balanced life, where work and life mix together because you're passionate about everything you do (and who you do it with). You'll find me mountain biking on Colorado's amazing trails, hiking with my wife Lora and daughter Camille, or talking to customers and building a solution to a problem worth solving.

I sometimes teach and speak, when ideas warrant sharing.

I'm Chief Waffle Maker over at Waffle.io, where we're reinventing the way engineering teams track work. We believe developers shouldn't have to do extra work to update others on their status, so Waffle does it for them.

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I enjoy talking about challenges in early stage startups, how to build great teams and culture, and how to deliver great products to the right customers at the right time.